About Us

Hello and welcome to Real Estate Donation Charity!

Many often wonder how to donate real estate to charity and otherwise benefit our communities and the worthy charitable programs available to those in need. Real Estate Donation has established its mission to help those in need and assist you, the donor, in making a worthwhile contribution that our nonprofit charity will fully utilize to give back to the individuals reaching for a helping hand. Our goal as always is to help those fallen on hard times to stand up again.

Real Estate Donation

Serving as a vehicle for various donations and liquidations of real property assets, Real Estate Donation will: accept charity real estate including titles and deed, remodel and restore the properties that require additional attention, bring the real estate donation into compliance with local and municipal codes, appraise and utilize the real estate donation to provide the organization with optimal reimbursements to help those who can truly benefit from the generosity of our gracious, property donors.

Why Donate Real Estate? Help yourself and others!

Real estate donors may donate land including but not limited to donations that will utilize properties for placement and construction of care facilities, offer properties to disabled American veterans, acquire properties for resale, and gifting the land donated to other charitable causes. Additionally this charitable network accepts some properties with existing tax burdens, mortgages, and other encumbrances.